The pandemic of Coronavirus has spread around the world like a wildfire. Every major country is on the lockdown. Every big market for the brands is still. In this pandemonium created by the COVID-19, there is a stalemate in the market.

With lockdown proclaimed in India, the market is literally closed for days to come. Everyone has quarantined themselves to avoid the community spread of this mysterious viral disease.

Every business is under the scan of the future measure of this undeterminable market condition. But this COVID -19 pandemic has shown a silver lining and has a hidden opportunity to rise up to occasion. This should be not seen as a marketing move, but a social responsibility. Brands should for some time forget about marketing their product but care about their consumers.

What not to do?

The consumer of this generation is always an updated one. The consumers are savvier than ever. So, every small step taken by the brand has a deep impact on the minds of the consumers. The consumers demand lucidity and sensitivity from the brands.

In these difficult times where the whole of humanity is badly hit, they don’t want any marketing move by the brands. Any promotion by the brand of their product, be it hardcore or softcore by taking advantage of the pandemic will aggrieve the consumer base. The need of the hour is sensitivity on this issue.

Any promotion of the product, services and is a negative promotion brand and by itself. So, the thing not to do is promoting the brand. Think twice while issuing any marketing deliverable be it online or offline.

Be a brand that cares

People’s lives are deeply impacted by the Coronavirus. Everyone is in some way or other facing the repercussion of this virus. Everyone is looking out for a ray of hope a positive feeling to catch on.

You are a brand. People follow you. You as a brand have the ability to change the state of mind of your followers. You have a deep impact on people. If your marketing moves have an ability to drive the sales of your product, why shouldn’t your views impart a positive impact on the masses? You should be focussed on spreading awareness, spreading happiness to the people out there. The time is to shift the focus of the consumers from your product to your brand value. Stand with the society with your values, with your contributions to the nation and rise up to this occasion to make an impression that people won’t forget for a long time. Forget about any motive behind your contributions to society and selflessly contribute to society. People will definitely recognize you as a compatriot brand and will connect to you. It is the connection that you will be building which will show you the results in the future.

As a brand, your views and your action towards the betterment of society is always under a scan. And with the world accessible digitally, you won’t have to do anything to promote your goodwill. Any small step will be promoted by the consumers itself. As people are quarantined to their houses, their digital time is definitely taking a spike. So, your every small action will have mammoth results.

Promote awareness to stop community spread, contribute to society, drive campaigns that are sensitive and giving out a warm and positive message to humankind. Even if you are an emerging brand, not in the position to spend money or contribute through your products on the CSR activities, you have the power of the internet. You may use social platforms to use your resources and contribute to solutions, awareness or share helpful information.

A brand that will genuinely care for the consumers is a real hero in this time. So be the brand that cares without any hidden motive but for the sake of humanity.

At CASHurDRIVE, we constantly have to work on the field but we care about our employees too. As a brand, we have introduced masks and gloves for the team always working on the field. Proper precautions and measures have been taken and we are in this fight together.


We have seen several brands stepping up for the cause. A famous Italian perfume brand was distributing hand sanitizers for free to the community as there was a market scarcity of hand sanitizers.

No matter how big or small brand you are, how minute or colossal contribution your making, nothing is going unnoticed by the consumers.

It is time you put a foot down and contribute to society.