CASHurDRIVE, a Transit advertising company is now the official and exclusive partner of UBER for cab branding in India. After 7 years of operating in India, UBER has decided to go exclusive and official with CASHurDRIVE for cab branding in India. This deal will ease the way in Transit Media OOH advertising and will prove to be a path-breaking one.

In this blog section, we will discuss what is all about this exclusive deal and what prospects it brings in advertising. Just go through the blog and understand how will this will accelerate your growing business and increase your market dominance.

Stronger Association of UBER and CASHurDRIVE

UBER came started its operation back in 2013 and since then it has been growing leaps and bounds. UBER has been relentlessly delivering extraordinary service and owns about 40% market share in ride-sharing providing services. UBER in India, operated in 40 cities and has a fleet of a half-million cabs.

CASHurDRIVE a pioneer in Transit OOH media advertising has brought a revolution in Transit Media advertising in India. Since its inception in 2008, CASHurDRIVE has made its mark in vehicle advertising by its excellent service and is the market leader. Specializing in car wraps CASHurDRIVE reach has expanded to services like roadshows, sampling, product activation, in-cab digital advertising, and many more.

This exclusive alliance of both market aggressors will now work in collaboration to take Transit Media OOH advertising to the level next. Transit Media Advertising though prevalent in Western countries is relatively a new concept in India still. Our partnership will explore all the new possibilities in this sector together. This venture will provide a pan India coverage of your business. The fleet of half a million and 12 million sq. feet of advertising space will give enough limelight to your boost your business.

How will this exclusivity benefit you?

Everything in this world is in the process of evolution. Advertising has also involved from static billboards to your cab. Advertising in your cab has a deeper impact on you rather than the billboard you have passed through. Being present in the OOH field for over a decade now, we have experienced a paradigm shift in vertical of OOH advertising. In this moving world, no one wants to be static. Potential customer spends a good amount of time out in traveling and the omnipresent vehicles are all he sees. The frequency of vehicles on the road is far more than billboards out there. So advertising on cabs, buses and other modes of transportation increase the recall value of your product.

No one is unknown with the presence of UBER in India. After becoming the exclusive advertisement partner of UBER in India, now you will have the presence of UBER with our expertise. We have delivered nothing but best to you and with this exclusivity, you will see substantial growth in your business.

Marketing through advertisement is the best-known way to market your product. The flexibility that Transit OOH advertising provides can’t be provided by any other medium. This medium of advertising generates more eyeballs to your product as vehicles have the ability to move. With our creative advertisement techniques now you can grab the attention of people in 40 cities of India.

UBER is the name of trust and commitment. Advertising with UBER gives credibility to your product. You can develop the trust of your customer in your product if you choose to advertise with UBER and CASHurDRIVE.


We have felt a new surge of clients towards Transit Media for OOH advertising and is expected to be the new big thing in OOH advertising. We are limited not only to car wraps but we provide campaign drives, product activations, sampling and roadshows using the on-road vehicles. We are also expanding our verticals in Digital OOH advertising. Now with the team up with UBER, we are unstoppable together.

Remember, if you have a product to advertise the name is CASHurDRIVE.