The first question that arises in the mind is ‘What is Social Distancing?’ In the literal terms it means to maintain physical distance from people. The word ‘Social Distancing’ gained light when the spread of Coronavirus started increasing in different parts of the world. People are suggested to maintain the physical distance of at least 2 meters to avoid the virus to spread more. The government asked everyone to follow ‘Social Distancing’ whether or not exposed to the virus.

Also, brands took it as their responsibility to spread awareness and message on Social Distancing through campaigns. People were asked to stay connected but digitally. Campaigns explaining the need of the hour to stay apart were highlighted innovatively elaborating various points.

‘Why Social Distancing?’

The mayhem caused due to the spread of Coronavirus has affected many countries and hit the economy badly. The cases of COVID 19 are increasing all around the world. So, the government of numerous nations decided to take a step and lockdown was announced in different parts of the world. It was reported that almost half a million people were infected with Coronavirus in the world.

Social Distancing would help people to not come in contact with each other and hence result in curbing the virus. It is important to understand that for our own safety it is better to stay inside our houses and take proper measures to stay safe.

‘How Brands helped to highlight Social Distancing?’

In the time of distress and with the whole lockdown scenario, people became more active on Social Media platforms. So, some renowned brands introduced campaigns that would help the message reach the masses. The main objective of these campaigns is to spread awareness and at the same time be creative so that the content outshines. Some of the campaigns are initiated or followed by brands are:

  • Distancing the brand name. Brands like McDonald’s, Audi and many more have taken over this trend. McDonald’s put light to the campaign by separating the two arches of the logo while Audi separated and made space between the logo. This was a simple yet effective message by brands. Many brands followed the suit and started playing with their logo.
  • Another major campaign started by the World Health Organisation is #SafeHands. The focus of this campaign was to highlight the importance of washing hands properly amidst the pandemic of Coronavirus. Many celebrities contributed their bit by making a video while washing hands and using the hashtag to reach a wider audience.
  • Moreover, brands through creative videos, GIF’s or static posts request people to stay inside their home, stay safe until the whole situation is under control. Apart from that, many brands took the initiative to start certain trends or post quiz to check the awareness of the audience about the current situation.

Finally, the brands agreed to maintain a certain level of decorum and various brands decided to stop the hardcore product-oriented promotion focusing on spreading awareness and updating people about the pandemic.

Moreover, CASHurDRIVE has decided to move a step ahead and introduced masks and gloves for our team on the field. We believe in taking proper care and precautions, follow social distancing.