From the past few years, start-ups and new businesses are evolving more in number in India. And these businesses need to reach the audience to have successful profits. Some companies could reach the audience easily and some companies couldn’t. Let’s talk about those companies that caught the focus of the audience. This was possible because these respective companies used the correct way of advertising their products. And those advertisements helped them to reach what they wanted-success.

Advertisements play a crucial role in gaining the attention of the audience. Long gone the time of normal banners or simple pamphlets. The era came into the light where outdoor advertising has more creative and innovative ideas.

OOH advertising also known as out-of-home or outdoor advertising is a great way to reach customers.

Why should we choose OOH advertising?

An ooh advertisement has a wide range of exposure. Ads on the TV or radio may get stopped when electricity was interrupted. But you can read outdoor advertisements whenever you pass through them.

Types of outdoor advertisements:

1. Boardings and hoarding: boarding and hoardings are the most popular way in outdoor advertisements. They can be most commonly seen in busy centers, bus stands, railway stations, and airports.

2.   Transit advertisements: Transit advertisements are nothing but the advertising technique used while transporting. We can daily see ads and posters on public transportation vehicles. Those ads can be read by many people while the bus is moving through the wide distance. Transit advertisements are the cheapest advertisements. You can advertise your brand through the wide-area with the least amount of money through transit advertisements. Transit advertisements not only involve ads on public transportation vehicles; nowadays ads on cars, cabs are also catching the attention of the customer.

3.   Wall paintings: wall painting is another creative way of advertising a brand. With well talented and creative painters, wall painting can attract all the people who pass the wall.

Apart from these, nowadays some innovative ideas of outdoor advertising had come into the limelight. Let’s talk about them.

1. Look walkers: Imagine, you were going on the road and you saw bright moving billboards! Isn’t it sounds exciting? Yes, that’s what look walkers are. We can put on the Billboard onto our shoulders like we wear our traveling bag. And, wherever we go, our Billboard follows.

2. Car wraps: Along with transit advertising, car wraps are becoming popular recently. You can wrap your car completely vinyl wraps. All you need to choose is the brand that you want to advertise. Imagine the car to have Jeans wrap all around it! It would be like a car is wearing jeans… interesting and innovative, isn’t it? Also, there are partial or full wraps in this; you can choose whatever you would like to.

3. Events: When you go to attend an event, at some time you will get bored and look around you. That’s when you look at the ads of different products and keep the focus on them at least for some time. That’s how the advertisements in events work in attracting the audience’s focus!

4. Digital wall paintings:  nowadays digital wall paintings have many trending and innovative ideas. Depending on the brand to advertise, they can be 3D wall paintings too.

Not only these but there can also be many other innovative ways in outdoor advertising. CASHurDRIVE provides all of those services. From creativity in boarding and hoarding to cinema and newspaper ads, the company’s well-experienced team gives out the best result.

Founded by the IITan Mr. Raghu KhannaCASHurDRIVE started with transit advertisements on local cars. The idea of Mr. Raghu Khanna is worth trying for everyone. You just need to stick vinyl wraps on your car to advertise a brand. You can drive your car as per your daily schedule either to the office or to shopping or to friends or relative’s houses; but while driving your car, you can CASH UR DRIVE. Isn’t it interesting? When he founded the company, Mr. Raghu Khanna worked hard and also wrapped his own car to show and convince the customers that their car wouldn’t damage by those vinyl wraps. His hard work paid off and starting from there, now the company also provides airlines advertisements.

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