In the recent times, Transit Advertising in India has been gaining limelight and has proved to be an effective medium. There is one simple thing that Transit Advertising follows and that is to drive your message and deliver it to millions of people. Now, OOH Advertising is not only about static billboards or hoardings anymore.

What is Transit Advertising?

Transit Advertising is a form of Out of the Home Advertising, with advertisements placed on public transport like cabs, auto’s, buses, trains and many more. These advertisements could be inside the vehicle or outside depending on the demands and requirements of the clients. The advertisements on vehicles have always tend to been effective as they never go unnoticed. Either while travelling or the passerby always pay attention towards it.

Through This Advertising, you can deliver your message to different locations and target a large group of audience. It helps the brand to reach its increase and deliver the message without any hassle or disturbance.

Types of Transit Advertising

There are two main divisions of Transit Advertising:

  1. Indoor Transit Advertising– It refers to the advertisements that are placed inside the vehicles. This type of advertisements is for premium customers, the ones who decide to travel by that particular vehicle can notice the advertisements. These advertisements can either be static with seat back hoarding or can also be in the form of audio or video depending on the availability of the medium. Also, in indoor Transit Advertising product sampling and getting interior redesign helps the brand to attract audience and increase the reach.


  1. Outdoor Transit Advertising- This type of advertisements are placed on the surface or the outer body of the vehicle. There are various options available for outdoor transit advertising which can be selected depending on the budget or the visibility they prefer. Advertisements cab be place on both the sides of the vehicle, or at the back or can also be placed on the roof. Outdoor Transit Advertising is a cost-effective and effectual medium as not only the travelers but also the passersby tend to notice it and the message is delivered uncluttered. Moreover, road shows and full wrapped cars make a great impression on the audience as they look fancy resulting in people acknowledging it.

Advantages of Transit Advertising

Moving on, to the advantages of Transit Advertising. Transit Advertising in India has been a successful example of OOH Advertising because of various reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cost- Effective Medium– Keeping in mind the reach and impression it leaves, Transit Advertising proves be a cost-effective medium as compared to other forms of advertisements. This is one of the major reasons market is making a big shift towards Transit Advertising.
  • Frequency- It is estimated that a public transport travels approximately for 10-12 hours on the road for seven days a week. The chances of your advertisement to get noticed by the audience increases. It travels to different locations and helps to target the right type of audience.
  • High Visibility- The advertisement covers a large portion of the vehicle and hence results in higher visibility of the ads. The visibility makes the audience to spot the advertisements easily and gain information about it.
  • Flexibility and Reach – Transit Advertising as mentioned earlier is always on the go with vehicle. It is a flexible option as the geographic reach of the advertisements is broad to target audience of every age group.

So, these were some of the basic advantages of Transit Advertising. To sum up, Transit Advertising in India has a great future as people are always on the run or always travelling by public transport. Like any other medium, Transit Advertisements cannot be turned off or shut down and this results in people noticing the advertisement.

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