Any business, be it small or big, depends on its advertising and marketing ability. You may have the best products, but they are worthless when people don’t know how to find them.

The significance of brand recognition, as well as expansion, plays a vital role in successful advertising. There may be countless marketing strategies, old and new, that work to build brand recognition. But, there is an old age marketing strategy that’s growing young with the passage of time – Vehicle/Car Branding.

What is Car Branding?

Vehicle or Car branding is a term used to describe anything on your vehicle that promotes your business from a sticker on the side to an entire vehicle wrap.

Acquiring new business is one of the goals of any company, which is generally done via some form of advertising. When it comes to advertising, people usually think of digital media. However, promoting your business to the public using these methods can be difficult unless you have a big budget.

That’s when vehicle branding comes in.

Car branding is a cost-effective form of advertising that can help you in establishing your brand in the market place.

Car Wrap Advertising

People or companies love car wraps since they can transform an old car into a brand new one. Also, they are loved since they help in protecting the original colour of the car and can be removed in case you wish to recreate the original look.

You can get your car branded with your company’s products and services so that you may reach your target audience wherever you go.

The car wraps are professionally designed to cover the complete area of your car body or to cover it partially depending on your particular needs and condition of the vehicle.

It is an effective marketing strategy. It’s not aggressive; it’s cheap and mobile as compared to other marketing methods.

Material Used in Car Wraps

Different materials are used to get the job done. This is one of the decisions that you will make when choosing your wrap. Types of materials used in car wraps include –

  • Vinyl: – This is a durable material, clean enough to give solid colour changes as well as stunning graphics changes to the car. The adhesive surface comes with air egress channels which allow air bubbles to smooth out between the wrap and the car surface offering a painted silky fresh look to your car. It protects the original paint from harmful elements.
  • Chrome Vinyl: – It’s a great material in case you wish to stand out because it has a reflective sheen that imparts a clear topcoat illusion. At the end of the application, you will achieve a very shiny car.
  • Carbon Fibre Vinyl: – As compared to the chrome vinyl, Carbon Fibre Vinyl has a rugged feel and textured 3D appearance giving a dramatic appearance. You will love the embossed finish the wrap will give to your car.
  • Matte Vinyl: – Non-glossy but with a dramatic look, Matte Vinyl is the most suitable choice for individuals looking for a unique stealth look.

When choosing the type of wrap material to use on your car, consider how durable it is and how suitable it can be for your marketing needs.

The Value of Vehicle Branding

The mobile billboard goes on the side of a vehicle. Branded vehicles are the extension of this advertising form – your business’ logo, brand or company slogan is added to a company vehicle for visual advertising purposes.

Where a mobile billboard can attract quick attention, a branded vehicle acts as a steadier device for brand recognition.

A branded vehicle makes your business’ presence reverberate as well as its services or products wherever the driver goes, expanding the marketing of your firm into the activity of daily life. Also, the addition of a company brand onto a vehicle results in an enhanced ROI.