Press Release

Reach consumers, media and financial community nearly anywhere with our national circuits for distribution on PAN India. We aim to bring your important news to the people in an efficient, targeted and timely manner.

Event Coverage

Grab the audience’s attention, build relations, create customer touchpoints and make news with an awesome event. We will do the full coverage of your event and make sure that it reaches the wider audience to convey a message it should.

Interview (Q&A)

It’s always better to have people speaking about your brand, than speaking about it yourself. At CASHurDRIVE, we make sure that you get direct media attention as an industry thought leader with valuable insights on advertising.

Brand's Goodwill

Company’s brand name, good customer base, solid customer relations, etc. are a few examples necessary to represent a Brand’s Goodwill. CASHurDRIVE will assist you to build and maintain a goodwill program for your brand that lasts longer.

Article Palcement

Your opinion matters to the people and your target audience. So talk about your industry, give your opinion and leave the rest on us. We, at CASHurDRIVE, will place you as a thought leader in the market with our unique media approach.

Crisis Management

At some point or the other, every company faces a crisis. Not having a proper crisis management plan can put an end to your company. When handled correctly, you can leverage a crisis to build deeper trust with your customers and the community.


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