At your upcoming event, conference, or trade fair, roller banners, which are tall, bold, and attention-getting, can assist in promoting your goods or services. Roller banners are movable marketing products that are frequently seen at conferences or events.

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What Are Roll Up Banner Stands?

A roller banner often referred to as a roll-up banner or pull-up banner, is a self-supporting advertising display that consists of a banner, which is a large strip of cloth or other material with content printed on it, and a base into which the banner may be rolled up for portability.

Because of these qualities, roller banners are one of the most useful and efficient ways to promote your company or products at trade shows and conferences.

Types of Roll Up Banner 

You can choose the type of roller banner you need based on your desired design, your spending limit, and the location where it will be displayed.

  • Standard Roller Banner
    Standard banners are an affordable way to get high-quality for temporary use. These are offered in the form of portable, lightweight stands. You can select any of the following options if you want to use them for an extended period of time or have ideas to reuse the banner with other designs.
  • Premium Roller Banner
    One of the most prevalent banner types that you encounter on a daily basis is this one. This banner is a pull-out style with aluminum support to hold the base in place. For less glare and a better presentation of the design, the premium banners have a matt coating over the vinyl.
  • Twin Roller Banner
    You can use these dual roller banners with designs on both sides. The optimum locations for these are those where customers can see both sides of the banners. Having two designs on the same banner allows you to make the most of the area it takes up.
  • X Roller Banner
    This is the most economical choice if you only need banners for two, three, or less than five days.

How To Make Roll Up Banner Stands

It’s time to provide you with some sound advice on how to make your roller banner as effective as possible now that we’ve thoroughly discussed what a roller banner is. As always, the success of a good roller banner depends not only on the printing’s quality but also, and most importantly, what is printed on it! Here is what we would advise:

  1. If you have a lot of space to print on, you don’t have to load it with information. Pick one simple message. Select one main message, as with any communication, and focus on it.
  2. The section of the roller banner that is most visible should be your company logo, so position it prominently. The image or message you want to convey should also go here. Near the bottom, provide the address of your website.
  3. Use high-resolution photographs to avoid your roller banner having blurry visuals. When printing roller banners with Pixartprinting, we advise selecting the ‘Professional file check’ option to ensure that the image resolution is perfect.

Why  Roller Banner is Best For Your Business Ads Display

To capture the interest of your clients. Roller banners are ideal for promoting an upcoming event or offering a special offer.

  • The product is foldable and lightweight. From the office to the trade show, it is easy to transport
  • It can be fully customized. Make your offers and messaging more personal
  • It’s attention-grabbing. Designs that are bold, bright, and eye-catching
  • Affordably priced. Various options to suit every budget and need – from short-term to long-term
  • It is flexible. Roller banners are available in a variety of sizes and designs

Benefit Of Roller Up Banner Stand 

Here are three reasons why roller banners are so popular (and why you should start using them too!) before delving more deeply into the various components of a roller banner.

  • Simply lift the banner from its base and lock the assembly mechanism to assemble roller banners. 
  • Roller banners can be easily transported because they roll up into their bases, making them small and very portable. You will receive a handy bag to transport your roller banner if you order one from Pixart printing. Basically, it is far more practical and portable than a display board, which protects it from potential harm.
  • Roller banners can be produced just once and used repeatedly because they are so convenient to move.

5 Best Tips for Design Roll Up Banner Stands

One of the advantages of pop-up booths that we recently examined was the potential for mobile outreach. If created well, a decent roller banner will draw attention to you and convey the intended message.

Here are five tips for designing an effective roll-up banner:

  1. Make sure your logo is at the top: Place your company’s logo and main message at the top of your stand. Your primary message should be placed at eye level, so whether it’s your company slogan, a picture of a product, or a link to your website, place it where passersby are most likely to notice it.
  2. Left-to-right thinking: Keep in mind that customers often read from top to bottom and from left to right when you load your banner with text. Additionally, it’s crucial to limit the number of words used and to only contain important information.
  3. Images: Make sure the photographs on your roll up stand are of high quality if you plan to add any, especially images of your products. They should be stored as CMYK ready for printing and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Pulling an image straight from a website and pasting it into your design will result in a low-quality, RGB-saved image.
  4. Colour: When creating a roll-up stand, use color to your advantage. Colors can help you stand out during a trade show, but they must coordinate and complement your brand and current company colors. It’s crucial to take into account how text and photos will look on your roll-up stand’s background color. On your stand, all graphics and information must be visible and simple to understand.
  5. Contact details: Your contact information should be one last consideration while building your roll-up banner stand. This is crucial for an exhibition when you might not have the chance to speak with everyone who attends. Contact information will advise visitors how to get in touch with you if they wish to use your services or learn more about a product.