HOHO buses are one of the most premium advertising mediums today. They roam all around and covers all the crowded places. Be it a tourist destination or any historical place, these buses are making their way to everywhere.

At CASHurDRIVE, we are an exclusive advertising partner with HOHO Buses in Delhi and Goa. We help businesses to witness the large variety section of commuters every day to help them make their product reach the audience that’s more focused and educated.

Join us to take your business everywhere with HOHO Buses in Delhi and Goa!

Corporate Bus Branding

Corporate Bus Advertising is the leading Transit Advertising Medium as it capture all the big corporates and create a huge impact on people’s mind and it gives an unforgettable impact on a consumer’s mind. Also it has bigger space to advertise and it gives a better opportunity for innovation. A very effective method of taking a message to any target area.

Cost effective way to turn the promotional bus into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement.

Airport Shuttle Bus Branding

Airport Buses are one of the best way to catch your premium TG. It has more space to convey your brand effectively. It has two branding ways i.e Full Wrap and Partial Wrap. It covers each and every viewer present on the that area because of its larger area of advertisement.