Rollup banners, also known as premium pull-up banners, banner stands, and retractable banners, are promotional instruments that are employed by both small and large organisations as a means of outward advertising.

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There are no limitations on where you can use rollup banners; nevertheless, they are typically utilised for trade events, business exhibitions, or business seminars.

Pull banners fall under the fantastic category of advertising strategies among the many available options for promoting a business, good, or service. This is due to the numerous benefits you receive when using rollup banners for advertising.


What is Double Sided Roll Up

A roller banner often referred to as a roll-up banner or pull-up banner, is an auto advertising display that consists of a banner, which is a large strip of cloth or other material with information printed on it, and a foundation into which the banner may be rolled up for portability.

And when the printing is done on both the sides of roller banner then it is termed a double-sided roll-up.

Why Double Sided Roll Up is best for your business ads display

Simple and quick

Simply remove the banner from its stand, set the aluminium pole’s height to your preference, and then snap the poster to the pole. When you’re done, remove the pole from the stand, and the banner would effortlessly retract and be prepared to return to its carry bag.


An event or location where you would like customers to focus their attention is perfect for a roller banner because it is very visible. It will serve as a central visual feature that will draw attention and entice your customers to visit if you combine it alongside a display of your marketing materials.

Value for money

Unlike many other forms of advertising and marketing, roller banners are very affordable and won’t put a large impact on your marketing budget.


Double-sided roller banners can endure a very long period if it is well-maintained. When not in use, simply place it in the travel case to protect the contents from dirt and filth and keep them accessible anytime you need them.

Benefit Of Double-Sided Roll Up

  • Visibility: Roll-up banner ads are extremely noticeable and a fantastic method to instantly showcase your business or campaign.


  • Full customization: Your roller banners can include anything you want, such as your logo, images, key messages, promotions, instructions, product characteristics, or other campaign aspects, according to your graphic designer. Many companies decide to spend money on several posters that can be utilised on various occasions.


  • Flexibility: Additionally, roller banners are very adaptable. They can be taken to events, placed at the entrances to promotional areas, used as signposts, and added as a flag-up for POS presentations because they are lightweight and portable in their carry bag. Whatever your requirements, roll-up banners will give your company immediate, adaptable, and interesting visibility.


5 Best Tips of design Double Sided Roll Up

  1. Maintain your trademark at the top: Place your company’s emblem and main message at the upper edge of your stand. Your primary message should be placed at eye level, so whether it’s your organization slogan, a picture of a product, or a link to your website, place it where passersby are most likely to notice it.
  2. Consider reading from left to right: Keep in mind that customers are accustomed to reading your banner from top to bottom. Additionally, it’s crucial to limit the number of words used and to just contain important information. Keep in mind that your sales team, as well as any related brochures, posters, or strut cards, may always provide further information.
  3. Photographs: Make sure the images you include on your roll-up stand are of excellent quality, especially any images of products. Taking a picture directly from a source and pasting this into your creation will result in a low-quality, RGB-saved image.
  4. When constructing a roll-up stand, use colour to your advantage. Colours can help you stand out during a trade show, but they must coordinate and complement your brand and current company colours. It’s crucial to take into account how text and photos will look on your roll-up stand’s background colour.
  5. Contact information Your contact information should be one last consideration while building your roll-up banner stand. This is crucial for an exhibition when you might not have the chance to speak with everyone who attends. 


Q. 1 How do rolling banners function?

Ans – Roller banners are independently movable printed graphics that roll inside a spring-loaded aluminium frame. Because of this, they are incredibly convenient to store and bring to your events. They are additionally frequently referred to as roll-up banners, pop-up banners, and pop-up banners.