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The choice of banner stand for your company depends on a few straightforward factors. These specifics are outlined in this post so you may decide how to best display your banners and use signs to boost sales.

What is Table Top Roll Up Stand?

This promotional tool will assist you in increasing awareness because it is made to stand on tables to conserve space. We are recognised as one of the top suppliers of tabletop roll-up Stands, which are created using digital printing on flexible hoarding standards to satisfy a variety of client needs.

These hoardings are frequently used to advertise items and vital business information. Our hoardings include eye-catching designs that maximise brand promotion.

Why Table Top Roll Up Stand is best for advertising

  • For stationary displays that don’t require frequent setup and takedown, retractable banners are an economical option.
  • A retractable banner stand’s sleek, low-profile design is one of its best features (and why they’re so popular). 
  • No-curl PET vinyl is used for the banners, which is a high-quality material that prints very smoothly. 
  • With their minimalist design and small footprint, these banner stands are ideal for trade show booths, restaurants, and lobby displays. 
  • Multiple banners can also be combined to form a larger image using retractable stands.

Table Top Roll Up Stand Benefit

There are numerous benefits to retractable banner stands in any marketing or promotional setting:

1) User-friendliness

Retractable banner stands are easy to set up and break down; all you have to do is remove the banner from the base (much like a window shade) and fasten it to the support pole.

When space is at a premium, retractable banner stands are an excellent alternative to larger booth displays.

2) Flexibility and versatility

By preserving the stand (hardware) and changing the graphic, you can reuse the banner stands repeatedly. Over time, this saves money and enables the use of convertible banners for annual trade exhibitions, new marketing materials, and seasonal specials.

3) Portability

The best display stand is a retractable banner stand. Retracting the graphic banner into a small aluminium base makes travelling much easier.

The stand may fit into your car’s trunk after being folded up and put into the nylon-protected travel box. They can be transported and stored in places that traditional, large banners cannot.


When properly designed, banner stand displays are incredibly reliable and effective at displaying your message and luring potential buyers to view your goods or services at trade fairs or in retail settings.

5) Protection

The graphic banner is shielded from physical harm during transportation and environmental variables like dust or fading once it has been rolled into the metal base and put inside the padded nylon carrying box.

5 Best Tips For Design Table Top Roll Up Stand


We have also included 14 different templates that you can use to create the perfect retractable banner design.

1 . Make a plan for the design in a sketch

Sketching something out in 2020 can imply a variety of things. Some designers may sketch a preliminary version of a design on paper or a whiteboard. Others favour using digital sketching applications like Adobe XD or Google Drawings.

2. Put your brand first

It’s time to design the banner now that you’ve decided on your concept and the location for its creation. Remember that your brand is your buddy while creating your retractable banner. Your company’s logo should be noticeable and outwardly prominent. The logo frequently serves as the primary focus of a banner’s whole design.

3. Focus on a theme by using the brand

The majority of businesses have branding standards that outline how to display their logos, the hex colour codes for their brand colours, and the fonts that are acceptable to use.

Use the brand guide your organisation has developed to your advantage.

4. Use vivid colours and fonts to make the banner stand out

By comprehending how colours function in design, you can advance your retractable banner design concepts. The right colour combinations might accomplish more for your banner than just make it look nice.

When people see your design, it will make them feel various emotions.

5. Be balanced when approaching the design

Be mindful of balance when creating a retractable banner. Understanding how people read and view the media they consume is one aspect of balancing a design. Normally, top-down and left to right.

When not based on the western world’s reading and viewing habits, things often appear strange.