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Cab Advertising

Post globalisation, the requirement for production of a brand name only for an organisation has gone up in the competitive industry. You need to establish a virtual image of your organisation in the minds of people. Today, advertisers are being receptive towards trying different things with the unconventional mediums of the advertisement. The best approach to make a brand name is by promoting the goods and services. When a company is promoted and advertised correctly, then it may procure huge advantages from it. When you succeed in making a name only for your company, people will be consequently anxious to give it a shot. Since small businesses have truly little expectation with it, Cab Advertising is there for their rescue.

Car Advertisement - A Powerful Medium To Build A Brand Awareness

The scope of traditional advertising only for small business is limited. Just big associations that could afford thousands of rupees on high priced campaigns may pick from them. Indeed, even small corporations need a fruitful medium to convey their message to the target audience. Car Advertising has been very valuable for the small businesses. In this advertising form, signs or wraps are mounted on the top of the car or pasted over the body, so they are clearly visible. It's fairly essential in generating brand recall.

It is the affordability of cab advertising or taxi advertising that it happens to be the most favourite of businesses. The administration of small corporations in the US has remarked which vinyl car graphics are the least expensive and perfect form of marketing. This form of advertising is ideally suited to eateries, insurance businesses, pizza delivery places, etc. They have demonstrated the stunning outcomes in setting up brand names in the minds of people. This sort of advertising has viably prevailed in promoting sales.

In this way, to find steer exposure and enhance the sales of the company, one should put resources into car advertising their organisation. To get the lucrative results, you will need a respected firm that sells high-quality services to run a successful advertising campaign for your company. You need a company like CASHUrDRIVE which has partnered with Uber to bring Uber advertising on their cabs.

Over the years, CASHUrDRIVE have provided the highest-quality form of Cab Advertising in India. Here, we are comprised of a team of highly skilled and motivated advertising space marketers offering cab branding services of such high quality that it an attractive local and mobile advertising medium for any quality goods or service supplier. They know what exactly is required to take your brand to the successful edges.

CASHUrDRIVE Services Explained

CASHUrDRIVE works on the concept of “advertising on wheels” with a collaboration with various partners like Uber, which happens to be first of its kind in India. We have made advertising on cars, cabs and taxis simplified and became India’s leading Media Advertising Company. We specialise in Cab Branding to promote your products and services throughout the country. Our 360-degree advertising option is an innovative approach towards making your brand image among the vast number of people.

CASHUrDRIVE provides an opportunity to convert traffic or traffic jams into a business opportunity. If you are an individual looking for an extra income, then we have the "Advertise For Us" campaign running for car owners. You can simply fill out the form and become our privileged advertiser to earn some handsome amount.

We offer an innovative opportunity for businesses to advertise their products and services on cabs like Uber Cabs and Private cars. Also, we have partnered with other cab services like Meru​ Cabs, Tab Cabs, Mega Cabs & Easy Cabs which are doing wonders as part of our Airport Cab Advertising services.

Indeed, Airports serve a great benefit to addressing attractive target groups such as like-minded business travelers and targeting them can be a profitable deal for any business. Putting advertisements in the waiting area of airports compels the passengers to have a look, and as a result, the ads don’t go unnoticed. An emotional attachment or touch is necessary for ads. An airport is a place that is filled with emotions, which gives us a perfect atmosphere for our full wrapped adverts to get noticed.

Everyone likes to go to a place where they can hang out with their friends, Bars and Pubs are one of them. Keeping this in mind, CASHUrDRIVE has also collaborated with the cinema halls and pubs to advertise your brand and reach the maximum number of people within a short span of time. Cinema Advertising and Bars & Pub Branding, therefore, turns out to be an effective way of advertising as it can be done in many forms with the more creative approach.

The story isn't over yet. Our offered services include some other popular advertising platforms such as railway, newspaper, radio, magazine, etc. to put your printed advertisements thereon.

CASHUrDRIVE even offers a form of Mobile Advertising format with the help of look walkers. It is a kind of walking billboard. This kind of advertising strategy has the Highest Recall Rate of The Brand, which serves the real purpose of advertisement. This innovative methodology for the marketing attracts more target audiences.

The Advantage For Our Clients
CASHUrDRIVE Marketing has been set up with the aim to save time by arranging and buying your outdoor advertising. We work with all the significant media proprietors to give you a bespoke outdoor publicising and activation program all over India.