CASHurDRIVE has been pioneering in outdoor advertising solutions since 2008. We are into an innovative space for advertising enabling brands to engage with the audience when they are out of the home. Turning awareness and inspiration into engagement, CASHurDRIVE is India’s one of the first companies to introduce advertising space on cars for advertisers. Started our journey with private cars, we soon moved into commercial car branding with Uber, Mega, Meru, TABcab, Fastrack, etc. and later expanded our business to other advertising mediums.

Why Choose Us?

We know that the audience is everything, and we strive to connect with them in meaningful ways. With a vision to impact every Indian daily, our means are focused on driving a strong relationship between brands and customers.

CASHurDRIVE is embedded into the fabric of Indian cities and communities and has been trusted by the millions who engage with our media on a daily basis. We merge intelligence with our creative design to reach the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

The Brain Behind CASHurDRIVE

CEO & Co-Founder

Raghu Khanna

CASHurDRIVE is the brainwave started by Raghu Khanna. An IITian by heart, Raghu’s first job landed him to be the founder of his own company. This CASHurDRIVE CEO is a dynamic entrepreneur who is younger to his employees. He’s always free to discuss your innovative ideas.