Each day millions of people travel by rail, bus and air. Targeting an audience and capturing their attention with innovative ads is a great way to advertise. Airport advertising is one such technique used inherently to engage the audience of all sorts. Advertising at airports is not just limited to lit boards, but one can go crazy with inventive ideas.

For instance, Admcom, an Italian advertising agency, painted the luggage claim belt into a giant roulette wheel for promoting a Casino. This resulted in a whopping raise of visits by 60% at the casino.

Airline Advertisement has a great benefit of addressing target groups and business travellers who are difficult to reach via other media. Another advantage is that by putting up ads at the airport waiting areas, passengers are compelled to have a look and thus the ads don’t go unnoticed. As we all know that an emotional connect or touch is immensely crucial for ads, the airport is a place that is charged with emotions providing the right atmosphere.

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