The world of advertisements keeps taking new leaps and turns now and then. With every turn, there are inceptions of the novel and innovative methods of advertising. One unique style that has been doing the rounds in this world for quite a long time now is Auto Rickshaw Advertising or Auto Ads. It is a great twist to vehicle or automobile advertising. Auto rickshaw branding is not only a new platform for showcasing your ads at economical prices but is also creating a buzz in towns and cities. Auto rickshaw advertising in Delhi and many other major cities is a very common sight nowadays, and almost every sort of brand has one ad put up on auto for advertisement.

If you look at the history, you will find that Mouthshut and Tally were one of the first brands to opt for rickshaw advertising for their ad campaigns, which made a remarkable presence in the offline world. This is a very economical way of advertising and is great for new startups with low budgets. One of the primary reasons to adopt this technique is its cost-effectiveness. Besides that, it also engages large numbers of consumers, all thanks to slow-moving traffic and traffic signals all over the city. Finally, the performance of the ad is directly variable to the performance of the driver.

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